Freddy Rodríguez

For Freddy Rodriquez, the title of his Integrity Music debut Light in the Darkness has deep implications: it serves as a metaphor for his own journey of faith, one that took him from a dark place of confusion and sin into God’s marvelous light.

Freddy was born in Chicago to a poor Puerto Rican household, with parents who lived off of welfare, were divorced when he was just three years old, and never quite lived the typical church life.

Despite trying to find refuge in music as a young teen by joining his school’s choir and fostering piano skills, a family move to Dallas-Ft. Worth sent Freddy down a different road. He began experimenting with drugs, living out of other people’s houses, and often hanging out with the wrong crowd. He was a convicted felon before he was old enough to drive. Providentially, a desire to reconnect with his father back in Illinois and an internship at a recording studio opened the door for him to find Christ and sow the seeds of a promising career in music.

“I got led to the Lord in a recording studio,” says Freddy. “One time I came to the studio and the owner noticed I was under the influence. He just loved me and asked me if I wanted to make a significant choice in my life.” It was then, at 19, that he decided to follow Christ.

But even with a fresh spiritual outlook and newly acquired musical skills, it took some time before Freddy caught a vision for worship ministry. Coming from the streets, he was disenchanted by the songs being sung by some of the churches he attended.


That changed when a friend invited Freddy him to watch a concert video by another Integrity artist who was a forerunner in worship music: Ron Kenoly’s 1994 recording, God Is Able. “What I heard and what I saw had a significant impact on me defining myself as a worship leader,” Freddy says.

11 years later and fully immersed in cross-cultural worship, Freddy’s recording of Light in the Darkness is destined to become a church classic that’s brimming with congregational value and a cross-cultural vibe for universal appeal. Gospel, Latin, and pop influences converge to create a heavenly sound, one that transcends ethnicities and encourages worshippers to be united in praise.

Recorded LIVE at The Champions Center, a non-denominational church in the heart of Las Vegas, Light in the Darkness sounds ready-made to make an impact across ethnic and generational boundaries in the Body of Christ, with its explosive blend of contemporary gospel praise in the vein of Israel & New Breed’s Live from Another Level and Martha Munizzi’s The Best Is Yet to Come. The comparisons and praise for Light in the Darkness have not been lost on the CD’s critical acclaim. Says “Light in the Darkness is the best gospel-based worship recording since

Israel’s classic Live from Another Level.” “As a worship leader, my desire is for people to connect with God,” Rodriguez says. “When we find ourselves in the secret place of the highest God, we should be able to hear his voice.”

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  1. God Is For Me
    Freddy Rodriguez


  2. No Other Name (Live)
    Freddy Rodriguez


  3. I Will Run
    Freddy Rodriguez


  4. Your Grace
    Freddy Rodriguez


  5. Nothing Can Take You Away
    Freddy Rodriguez ft.Chris Hardy